- The real taste of East Asia in London 

- One of London’s favorite hot spots!  

- China town has over 70 restaurants with cuisine from across East Asia  

- The community holds several festivals throughout the year


Immediately north of Leicester Square are Lisle and Gerrard streets, this is where China Town London is located, a focal point for London’s growing Chinese community! 

Choose from over 70 authentic East Asian restaurants, shops, bars and cafés.  

From karaoke, Lo’s noodle factory, Hot Pot to Chinese foot reflex massage, China Town London has it all!




Chinatown London, Gerrard St, London W1D


Monday – Saturday: 10 AM – 6 PM

Sunday: 11 AM – 6 PM

Do you want to sing your heart out? China Town London has some great karaoke options! 

For an authentic Chinese KTV experience, Leicester Street’s Jinli Chinese Restaurant serves up a side order of singalong with your food! For the ultimate late night, foodie-karaoke experience that keeps you singing it back for more, Royal Dragon is the place to be!  

But Plum Valley has some of Chinatown’s most swish, sophisticated karaoke rooms. 



From dumplings, BBQ, street food, seafood to dim sum, it can all be found.  

Baozi Inn: 

Baozi Inn’s signature dumplings are so good they named their restaurant after them. Specialising in Sichuanese spicy street food and sharable plates, Baozi Inn’s giant bouncy buns are unique to most, made from flour or white wheat rather than rice. The result is a denser shell in which its filling is ensconced. 

Hot Pot:  

You have missed your fair share of Hot Pot? Well at the restaurant literally called Hot Pot you can gather with you’re friends or family to have a nice lunch or dinner!  

Bubble wrap: 

The deliciously decadent dessert shop have brought one of Hong Kong’s most popular street snacks to Chinatown and piled them high with lashings of tasty toppings! A perfect desert for after your dinner!  




Newport Court’s Cuppacha serves authentic Taiwanese bubble tea. Apart from traditional tea made with a black tea base, one of Cuppacha‘s house blends is their Matcha Red Bean Bubble Tea. All Cuppacha’s drinks are fully customizable – from your funky topping right down to your sugar and ice levels, so you’ll always get a bespoke experience. 

Jen Café 

You will know it by its vivid jade green hue. Walking along Newport Place, the eye-popping Jen Café is a bright green beacon of joy. Their specialty is tea – and lots of it. 

From the florally sweet Chrysanthemum Honey to fruity Lemon Kumquat, most of their oriental teas can be served hot or cold to suit your mood – or temperature. 

The Light Lounge 

Sandwiched between Leicester Square and Chinatown’s stretch of Asian eateries, reflective cocktail bar The Light Lounge occupies its own glamorous stratosphere. With its twinkly chandeliers, elegant grey banquettes and perfumed lilies scenting the air, it’s an upscale escape from the chaotic streets outside. 


Of course besides all the above-mentioned places, there are many more! Go out and explore!  



London Chinatown is close to key attractions such as Leicester Square, Theatreland and Soho. Its central location makes it an easy place to get to by public transport. 


Leicester Square  

Tottenham Court Road  

Piccadilly Circus  


Bus Stops 

14 / 24 / 27 / 29 / 134 / 168 / C2